How can Radiology Locums help the NHS meet imaging & diagnostic demands?

At Remedy Locums, we are firm believers that radiology locums jobs candidates can assist the NHS in meeting radiologist shortages. Latest figures from the Clinical Radiology Uk workforce census suggest there are an “insufficient number of radiologists” to cover the increasing demand.* The report raised worries about the sustainability of radiology provision in coming years […]

What do we offer Radiology Locums?

At Remedy Locums we offer our Radiology locum jobs candidates access to the best locum positions available across the UK. With so many locums agencies out there, what makes us a cut above the rest? Why should you choose us to work with us at Remedy Locums?     We always endeavour to have a high […]

The increasing demand for radiology locums

Good news for Radiology locums! According to The Times*,  in the last 2 years there has been a 20% increase in the proportion of locums used to cover staff vacancies. Whereas the idea of radiology locums jobs candidates had typically been to cover holiday or sickness, apparently this trend has changed with an overwhelming majority of […]

Our secret to finding gastroenterology locum jobs candidates great opportunities

At Remedy we continuously have a high number and standard of  gastroenterology locum jobs. We love to match our candidates with opportunities that enable them to fulfil career goals.   How do we offer gastroenterology locum candidates with great opportunities? We work with candidates to understand their employment wants and needs so that we can […]

The rise of Thrombectomy Stroke care

As you know, Remedy like to keep up to date with news that may impact or interest our medicine locums jobs candidates. A topic that recently caught our attention is the emerging treatment of Thrombectomy. A new treatment for Strokes has recently surfaced called Thrombectomy. Previously only available in a handful of hospitals in the […]

Can the quality of medicine locums decrease the number of elderly patients discharging themselves from hospital?

GMJournal (Geriatric Medicine) recently released an article* based on a publication by the Journal of the American Geriatric Journal about the different factors that lead to older patients leaving hospital despite their doctor’s advice. Remedy are experts at geriatric medicine and care greatly about patient experience and so were deeply interested in this article and […]

How provision of locum consultant cover can assist Cancer Units

NHS England has been making strong progress in the cancer treatment world and expects for it to increase in the following years. As experts in Oncology locum recruitment Remedy were excited to learn that they’re aiming for an extra 5,000 people to survive cancer every year by 2019 and every cancer patient to be diagnosed […]

Government document reveals increased demand and opportunities for endoscopy locums

Remedy Locums consider how increased demand for gastrointestinal endoscopy procedure may cause a rise in demand for gastroenterology locums. The Department of Health (DH) and Health Education England (HEE) commissioned The Centre for Workforce Intelligence (CfWI) to review and create a report on the endoscopy workforce describing the pressures they face and the measures taken […]

The pros of being a Gastroenterology Locum

At Remedy Locums we are very familiar with the benefits of being a locum in the medical industry. Our gastroenterology locums jobs candidates find working locum shifts can provide a fantastically varied and rewarding career. So what are the pros of being a gastroenterology locum? You have flexibility & freedom As a gastroenterology locum jobs […]

Exciting medical advancements impacting our Endoscopy and Gastroenterology locums jobs candidates

As you know, we love to keep up to date with developments in the medical field that may impact our endoscopy locums or Gastroenterology locum job candidates(it’s a geeky little pleasure of ours!). So our eyes were instantly drawn by an article on MDLinx about the newest model the PillCam™ Colon 2.* The article explains […]

The Value of Acute Medicine Locums

As a locums recruitment agency, Remedy are passionate about how the recruiting of locum job candidates can help keep patient care at a high standard. Like us, the Society for Acute Medicine (SAM) cares deeply and is concerned with the NHS and keeping patient care to a high standard. Dr Mark Holland, president of the […]

All locums jobs candidates need to know about registering to practise in the UK

As a gastroenterology locum it is crucial for you to understand the registration process for you to legally practise in the UK. It is particularly important for international gastroenterology locum jobs candidates to know the differences in how you must register. All doctors wanting to practise medicine in the UK are required to be registered […]

Radiology locums “unsung heroes” of the NHS

In Remedy’s opinion Radiologists are some of the many unsung heroes of the NHS. They perform an invaluable service yet are hardly recognised for their contributions. A sentiment echoed by who released a gem of an article some time ago about Radiologists growing their image and it really spoke to us and our mission […]

Radiology Locum Recruitment:
becoming part of a trust’s culture

Diagnostic have recently released an article regarding the ways that radiologists can maintain good relationships with referring physicians and how it can create a more conducive environment for practice efficiency and a more positive experience for the patients. Remedy are experts in Radiology Locum recruitment, and part of our philosophy is that we care […]

Attention all locum jobs candidates:
Amendments to IR35 rules

At Remedy we like to keep our locums in the loop as tho the latest industry news. The NHS has recently amended their rules on IR35, specifically who the responsibility for deciding whether the employed individual is compliant with the legislation falls upon. Rather than the intermediate or recruitment agency determining if IR35 applies to […]

Can Gastroenterology locums help alleviate waiting times?

As a medical locum jobs agency, Remedy are passionate about the role gastroenterology locum jobs candidates can have on the NHS. Patient waiting times is often a hot topic of discussion, an issue that we believe that the employment of locums jobs candidates can be a remedy for. Reducing waiting times and reaching RTT targets […]

Ophthalmology and Artificial Intelligence

Peter Karth of the Ophthalmology Times recently released an article on Artificial Intelligence and its place in the speciality compared to that of doctors themselves. Being experts in Ophthalmology recruitment we’re interested in anything that may alter the future and stability of our current and potential doctors, so we wanted to give our own take. […]

Finding Endoscopy Locum jobs candidates their ideal role

At Remedy Locums we help doctors find Endoscopy Locum Jobs. We are passionate about helping great Endoscopy Locum candidates find their perfect roles – ones that fit both their career aspirations and their lifestyle. We have plentiful experience helping both UK and international doctors finding Endoscopy Locum jobs. Here at Remedy, we don’t just offer […]

How does EHR effect Ophthalmology care?

Electronic Health Records are a big topic of conversation within medical circles, with many at odds regarding whether or not they actually increase efficiency in a practice environment. The Ophthalmology Times has released a few articles* discussing EHRs and their effect on the inner workings of the hospital and relations between doctors and patients and […]

New research for the attention of Endoscopy locum jobs candidates

Endoscopy Devices Market expected to grow Source: Zion Market Research A recent study by Zion Market Research has suggested that the Endoscopy Devices Market will grow beyond $41,813.42 million by 2021.* This growth is expected to be triggered by technological advancements in the field, with new devices consistently entering the market. The Current endoscopes (Video […]

Remedy’s Top Tips: How can you get your preferred practice to keep wanting you back for Gastroenterology Locums jobs?

What qualities encourage practices to ask Gastroenterology locums to return? Here at Remedy, we strive to stay with our Doctors throughout their journey and work to place them within the hospitals they want to work in or that will meet their career aspirations. This is a practice not adopted by many other locum agencies in […]

Finding Gastroenterology Locum jobs candidates their ideal role

Here at Remedy Locums we help great candidates find Gastroenterology Locum Jobs. We use our skills and experience to assist you in finding locum positions that assist you in reaching career goals. We are an agency of experts that offer you more than just recruitment advice and assistance for Gastroenterology Locum Jobs candidates. As well […]